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900+ IM Boards Style Questions
Each of our Internal Medicine board review questions comes with video explanations, Flashcards, and Mnemonics!
Internal Medicine Shelf Exam and ABIM Board exam Concepts - Stethoscope
4,000+ IM Flashcards
Quick review flashcards designed to help you learn and retain knowledge for the boards!
Internal Medicine Boards Animated Videos | ABIM Board Exam & Review Sample Question Bank Platform
1,500+ Mnemonics
The largest set of medical mnemonics searchable by discipline, system or keyword. Save, share, and create your own!
Internal Medicine ABIM Board Exam and NBME Shelf Exam Dashboard Pulse

The Knowmedge animation videos are simply priceless in helping the exam takers to comprehend complex concepts and retain them longer.
-- KMH, MD

This is the best question-answer format available... Amazing that it has taken this long for someone to put the work in to do board reviews right.
-- Diane, Internist, Nevada

You have created an outstanding tool for study and review... I have shared the Pearls with the residents, with great feedback. I am so impressed with everything about this product!
-- Anonymous, Internist, Illinois

@ knowmedge Q1: Pt has a condition with + HLA DQ-2 and HLA DQ-8 markers. What is the condition and skin condition that can be seen? #ABIM #MedEd
—3 hours ago

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