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Knowmedge Launches a Next-Generation Online ABIM® Question B

by Admin » Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:03 pm
May 2, 2013 - Knowmedge today announced the launch of a new interactive, online ABIM® (American Board of Internal Medicine) exam prep platform featuring over 750 questions.

The Knowmedge platform is designed to support multiple learning styles and contains several features designed to provide students the flexibility to customize their study experience. “While teaching live classroom sessions to prepare for the ABIM® exam, I realized that students found a lot of value from the interactive nature of the classroom setting. With Knowmedge, we are striving to replicate that interactive learning experience while still allowing individual students the flexibility to study on their own schedule”, says Dr. Sunir Kumar, Chief Editor of Knowmedge and one of its co-founders.

A key component of this experience are the audio-visual explanations that are available for each question. Within these short videos, the Knowmedge medical experts walk through the answer choices and elaborate on the underlying principles at the heart of the question.

In addition to a best-in-class user interface, Knowmedge also features OnCall, enabling students to directly reach out to medical experts on the team for questions related to any of the medical content on the site.

To learn more about Knowmedge’s ABIM® exam prep platform, visit
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