Does a Porcelain Gallbladder Equal Gallbladder Cancer?

Polk HC Jr (1966) and Cornell CM et al (1959) reported the incidence of gallbladder cancer (GBC) to range from 12–62% when porcelain gallbladder (PGB) is seen. The standard for treatment of porcelain gallbladder is prophylactic cholecystectomy. In the past decade, three large studies by Towfigh S et al (2001), Stephen AE et al (2001), and Khan ZS et al (2011) evaluated this teaching.


What they did:
  • Evaluate characteristics of patients with PGB and risk for GBC
  • Retrospective review of 10,741 cholecystectomies


  • 15/10,741 (0.14%) had PGB
  • 88/10,741 (0.82%) had GBC
  • No carcinoma identified among patients with PGB
  • No carcinoma identified among patients with calcified gallbladder


Conclusion: There is no association of PGB and GBC.


    What they did:
    • Is there a correlation between calcified gallbladder and GBC
    • Retrospective review of 25,900 cholecystectomies at Massachusetts General Hospital


    • 150/25,900 (0.58%) had GBC
    • 44/25,900 (0.17%) had Calcified Gallbladder
    • 17/44 (38.6%) had complete intramural calcification of GB
    • No GBC seen in complete intramural calcification of GB
    • 27/44 (61.4%) had selective mucosal wall calcification of GB
    • Incidence of GBC in selective mucosal wall calcification was 7% (OR 13.89)


    Conclusion: The incidence of GBC depends on the pattern of calcification; selective mucosal calcification poses a significant risk of cancer whereas diffuse intramural calcification does not.


    What they did:
    • Evaluate the risk of GBC in patients with PGB
    • Retrospective analysis of 1200 cholecystectomies performed


    • 13/1200 (1.1%) patients had a PGB
    • None of the patients with a PGB had evidence of GBC


    Conclusion: PGB is not associated with GBC.


    In my opinion, how will this affect your practice?
    • Complete intramural calcification of the gallbladder has no association with gallbladder cancer
    • Selective mucosal wall calcification of the gallbladder has a 7% incidence of gallbladder cancer
    • Not all porcelain gallbladders require prophylactic cholecystectomy



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    Dr. Salim R. Rezaie is a physician at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He is double board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine.

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