Dr. Shahid Babar, Founder of iMedicine Review, joins Knowmedge Advisory Board


The Knowmedge team is excited to announce the addition of Shahid Babar, MD FACP FHM, to our advisory board. Dr. Babar is a Clinical assistant professor of Medicine and Associate director of hospitalist program in Lancaster General Health. He has conducted Internal medicine review courses in various academic centers since 2007. He founded iMedicine Review in 2010 in order to help residents and internists prepare for the internal medicine boards. Thousands of students have benefitted from his three-and-a-half day live course.


Dr. Babar’s internal medicine board review course offers a comprehensive review of all topics relevant to the ABIM exam. In 2014, Dr. Babar’s internal medicine board exam review course will be offered five times between May – July in various academic centers in Philadelphia (PA), Harrisburg (PA), Farmington (CT), New York City (NY), Washington D.C.


Dr. Babar states “I started iMedicine Review as a way to help residents and internists prepare for the internal medicine boards through an engaging, live lecture format. That’s why I’m excited about joining Knowmedge – their vision for an interactive and engaging high-yield internal medicine question bank is something that is appealing to me as an educator and should be appealing to students looking for an audio-video question bank.”


Dr. Ravi Bhatia, co-founder of Knowmedge states “I am thrilled to have Dr. Babar join the Knowmedge advisory board. I attended his live course for preparation of my board exam. His educational experience and commitment to helping residents and internists learn through a live internal medicine course is something I personally admire and will be of great benefit to the Knowmedge team. I look forward to working with Dr. Babar and helping more physicians through our affiliation with iMedicine Review.”


iMedicine Review is a leader in internal medicine education. Under the leadership of Dr. Shahid Babar, thousands of students have benefitted from the ABIM exam review course offered at iMedicine Review. For more information about iMedicine Review, please visit: http://www.imedicinereview.com/


Knowmedge is a provider of internal medicine board questions for students preparing for the internal medicine ABIM board exam. The Knowmedge platform contains over 900 high-yield questions with video explanations from 12 different medical categories and over 100 subcategories. For more information about Knowmedge, please visit: http://www.knowmedge.com/


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