Studying for the Internal Medicine Boards: In-Training Examination (IM-ITE)

IM-ITE in-training exam - Internal Medicine

What’s a good predictor of your likelihood of passing the ABIM Internal Medicine Board Exam? While the research is relatively light in this area, a couple of studies have concluded that your In-Training Examination (ITE) scores can be a predictor of success rate.

The Internal Medicine In-Training Exam, developed by the American College of Physicians, is administered annually to allow residents the opportunity for self-assesment. It is designed specifically to allow residents to identify areas where they may need to focus their efforts. The blueprint for the IM-ITE  is based on the ABIM certification exam.

The IM-ITE was developed to help residents assess their deficiencies at the midpoint of their training. Approximately 4 to 5 weeks after the exam is administered, each student’s scores are available online and can be distributed by Program Directors.

So what is the value of the Internal Medicine In-Training Examination?

One study, Predicting Pass Rates on the American Board of Internal Medicine Certifying Examination, completed in 1998, studied 155 internal medicine residents from three Virginia internal medicine programs. The conclusion from that study was that the “ITE is a useful tool in assessing the likelihood of a resident’s passing or failing the ABIM certifying examination but is less predictive for residents who received ITE scores between 49 and 66.

Another study, conducted by physicians at the Cleveland Clinic, concluded that ITE scores could help predict the likelihood of passing the ABIM Internal Medicine certification exam.

Our goal at Knowmedge, as it has been from Day 1, is to make sure we do everything we can to help students retain information to help them pass the board exam and become better doctors. In our pursuit to build the most effective and best Internal Medicine Board Review platform, we have added and integrated mnemonics, spaced-learning flashcards on top of the existing questions and videos.

We are now excited to add our newest feature: In-Training Examination Support. This feature will allow subscribers to the Question Bank to document their personal In-Training Exam scores and practice questions related to IM-ITE objectives they may have missed. Subscribers can either document the questions they missed on their own or they can upload a file where we will do the manual work!  There is no cost to this for anyone using Knowmedge. As with everything we do, it’s intended to help students learn and this is simply one additional tool!

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