Mothers Day Sale! $40 off any QBank subscription

Knowmedge Mother's Day - IM QBank Sale

Knowmedge Mother’s Day – IM QBank Sale


Knowmedge Mothers Day Sale is on!


Mother’s day is special for all of us here at Knowmedge. We are genuinely of the belief that some of these holidays have become “hallmark holidays”. But with mother’s day – for each of us it holds a special place and an opportunity to let our Moms know that we appreciate what they do for us… even if it appears we take some of it for granted.


In honor of our Moms and Moms everywhere… the Knowmedge Mothers Day sale is officially on! Now through Monday, May 12th, take $40 off the purchase of any question bank package (yes, including the 1-month package!)


Happy Mother’s day to all!




Knowmedge Team

May 9, 2014

when you say from Now through the Monday, May 8th …shouldn’t it be May 12th?…May 8th was on thursday.

May 11, 2014

@Kingz – Good catch! The promo is running until Monday, which is May 12th. We’ve updated the post to reflect the correct date. Thanks!

May 13, 2014

No worries!

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