Knowmedge Internal Medicine Question Bank Challenge: Week 1 Scoreboard

Announcer #1: Well folks, Week 1 of the Knowmedge Internal Medicine Question Challenge is in the books and it’s turning out to be an exciting race!


Announcer #2: It sure is! The top 5 scorers this past week are currently separated by just a mere 4 points. And currently we have a two-way tie at the very top. We’ve never seen scores this close, and one can only imagine how a few extra ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ would have impacted the standings we see today.


Announcer #1: That’s right. Clicking the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ button can earn each user an extra 2 points each day, enough to help them really make a jump in the leaderboard.


Announcer #2: The bottom line is that the Knowmedge Internal Medicine Question Challenge is just getting started. The questions during Week 2 will focus on Nephrology, and I’m expecting the competition to really heat up over the next week! Everyone on the list is still in contention for the grand prize, and I expect to see quite a jump in the standings for some of the contestants who joined the competition a little later in the week.


Announcer #1: It’s not too late to join the action. Check out the details of the Knowmedge Internal Medicine Question Challenge here to get started! At the end of the month, the participant with the highest overall point total will receive a free 3-month Knowmedge subscription and bragging rights! Signing off for now, tune in next week for the latest updates!

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