Knowmedge Launches Internal Medicine Flashcards Platform

Knowmedge announces a new flashcards platform featuring over 4,000 high-yield flashcard questions for Internal Medicine


Knowmedge is thrilled to announce the launch of an Internal Medicine Flashcards, a brand new and exciting medical education platform. The Knowmedge Internal Medicine Flashcards platform allows students to study high-yield medical content in an exciting new format. Leveraging the power of spaced learning, Knowmedge Flashcards offers a personalized study experience that better focuses students’ time on the concepts with which they are struggling. In addition, the platform provides students the ability to annotate, create and share flashcards with friends. Knowmedge Flashcards are seamlessly integrated into the Knowmedge Internal Medicine Question Bank, reinforcing the key medical concepts covered by board exams.


The Knowmedge Internal Medicine Flashcards platform contains over 4,000 questions from all the major Internal Medicine categories including cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, oncology, nephrology, neurology, rheumatology, hematology, infectious disease, and dermatology.


Dr. Ravi Bhatia, co-founder of Knowmedge, said “We believe flashcards are a powerful study tool that will help students better prepare for their board exams and feel more confident on test day. Paired with the Knowmedge IM QBank, flashcards will offer a seamless study experience that will allow our students to maximize their retention of key medical concepts. Recognizing that our students are often crunched for time in their exam preparation, we are launching Internal Medicine flashcards with the goal of helping students make the most of their study time.”


Knowmedge is an Internal Medicine Board Review learning platform featuring over 900 questions and videos, 1,500 mnemonics, and 4,000 flashcards. To learn more about Knowmedge’s new flashcards platform, visit

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