Knowmedge Medical Mnemonics Platform Launches!

Our Medical Mnemonics Platform is finally here! Just a little over a year after we launched the Internal Medicine Question Bank, we are thrilled to be announcing the launch of our second product. An idea that came to us after speaking with subscribers and followers has finally now come to fruition! After many months of design, development, and content review and creation, we’re thrilled to finally introduce the Medical Mnemonics platform.


We detailed the mnemonics screenshots in our last post. Now there’s only one thing left for you to do…. Go and sign up! If you’re already a subscriber on the Knowmedge platform, simply log in to your account and you’ll see a free trial subscription waiting for you! If you like what you see, simply go to the account page, click the store link and upgrade your mnemonics package!


The team spent many early mornings and late nights getting the platform ready and we can’t wait to hear your feedback! In addition to all the features that await, we really think you’ll love the price! The introductory price means you can get access to all 1,500+ mnemonics and 200+ visuals for $50 for an entire year! That’s the cost of one venti chai tea latte from Starbucks a month!


We’ll conclude this by asking a simple question… what’s your favorite medical mnemonic? Share your comments below!



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