Medical Mnemonics: Recognizing Features of Melanoma

Features of Melanoma can be recognized by the mnemonic ABCDE

Medical Mnemonics – Features of Melanoma


Medical mnemonic for the recognizing features of Melanoma It is important to recognize the moles and growths that might cancerous early in the process. A mole exhibiting the following ABCDE features should be at least suspected for Melanoma.
  • A: Asymmetry – Asymmetric moles are particularly suspicious
  • B: Border – Irregular borders are more likely to be cancerous
  • C: Color – Different colors within a mole are suspicious
  • D: Diameter – Moles with a diameter > 6mm are especially suspicious
  • E: Evolving – A mole that is enlarging or begins to feel itchy is another suspicious sign
A special distinction is made for Nodular Melanoma, which is often smaller in size and symmetrical. It is also often even in color. The mnemonic EFG is often used for the recognizing features of Nodular Melanoma.
  • E: Elevated
  • F: Firm to touch
  • G: Growing progressively for more than a month
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