Medical Mnemonics: Tool for assessing CAP severity – SMART COP

It’s Medical Mnemonics Monday! Regardless of whether you’re studying for your ABIM board exam, USMLE Step exams (or any other medical board exam), it’s important to understand Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP). Today we focus on assessing the severity of CAP, which can be remembered by the mnemonic SMART COP.






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July 5, 2014

Thanks for this nicely made card. A few questions, if I may ask:
1. Would you mind putting the source of these variables at the end of each card?
2. I cannot see high blood urea in this card. Shouldn’t it be one of the danger signs?
3. How about age >60?

The section of RR has a mistake (25mmHg, it should be 25/min)

Thanks again

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