Medical Mnemonics: Causes of Pancreatitis – “I GET SMASHED”

Medical Mnemonics - Causes of Pancreatitis - "I GET SMASHED"

Medical Mnemonics – Causes of Pancreatitis


Acute Pancreatitis is characterized by an inflammation of the pancreas that appears suddenly and lasts for days. The two main causes of pancreatitis in the US are alcohol intake and gallstones. The major causes of pancreatitis can be remembered by the popular mnemonic “I GET SMASHED”
  • I – Idiopathic
  • G – Gallstones
  • E – Ethanol
  • T – Trauma
  • S – Steroids
  • M – Mumps, malignancy (Pancreatic cancer)
  • A – Autoimmune
  • S – Scorpion sting
  • H – Hypercalcemia, Hypertriglyceridemia (Usually more than 1000mg/dL)
  • E – ERCP
  • D – Drugs

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