Special Holiday Offer!

As we all head into the final stretch of 2016, we’re excited by what the new year holds for all the members of the Knowmedge community! Whether you are in the first year of your residency, a graduating physician assistant, or an experienced physician, we’re grateful for your commitment to improving the health of your communities.

As your academic and professional trajectory has undoubtedly illustrated, achieving great success requires incremental improvements everyday. By challenging ourselves to be our best everyday we often surprise ourselves by the distance and strides we accumulate.

During this time of the year, many folks begin thinking about resolutions for the upcoming year. To improve the odds of achieving your goals, we encourage you to be among the few that use the final weeks of 2016 as a runway to build momentum towards your professional (and personal) goals!

To make the first steps easier, sign up for any of our paid QBank + Flashcard Learning Bundles and get the rest of 2016 free! It may seem like just a few extra days of access to high-yield content, but we believe the sooner you start your journey, the faster you arrive at your destination.

Whether you are traveling by Plane, Train, or Automobile this holiday season, download our TSA-approved mobile app for on-the-go board prep. Available on iOS and Android.

Happy Holidays!

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