Medical Mnemonics – Symptoms of Depression – “A SAD FACES”

Medical Mnemonics - Symptoms of Depression can be remembered by "A SAD FACES"

Medical Mnemonics: Symptoms of Depression

It’s Medical Mnemonics Monday! Depression is an important topic to understand for any medical board exam, including the ABIM exam or USMLE Step exams. Symptoms of depression can be remembered by the mnemonic “A SAD FACES”
  • A = Appetite (Weight Change)
  • S = Sleep (Insomnia / Hypersomnia)
  • A = Anhedonia
  • D = Dysophria
  • F = Fatigue
  • A = Agitation / Retardation
  • C = Concentration Diminished
  • E = Esteem (Low) / Guilt
  • S = Suicide / Thoughts of Death
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